This test is used to test overall kidney health and function, and includes tests found in our UTI test as well as the Kidney & Metabolic Panel. In addition, this test also measures your microalbumin /creatinine ratio.

The random microalbumin /creatinine ratio is frequently ordered as a screening test on patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes. and hypertension, that put them at an increased risk of developing kidney failure.

Studies have shown that identifying the very early stages of kidney disease (microalbuminuria) helps patients and doctors adjust treatment. With better control of diabetes and hypertension, the progression of diabetic kidney disease can be slowed or prevented.

Patients with hypertension may be tested at regular intervals, with the frequency determined by their doctor. Moderately increased microalbumin levels in urine indicate that a person is in one of the very early phases of developing kidney disease. Very high levels are an indication that kidney disease is present in a more severe form.

Special Preparation: None.

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