Blood Cell Count Test (CBC (DIFF/PLT))

A complete blood count (CBC) is used to detect or monitor many different health conditions. It may be used to:

    • Diagnose infections or allergies
    • Detect blood clotting problems or blood disorders, including anemia
    • Evaluate red blood cell production or destruction
A complete blood count (CBC) test measures the following:
    • The number of red blood cells (RBC count)
    • The number of white blood cells (WBC count)
    • The total amount of hemoglobin in the blood
    • The fraction of the blood composed of red blood cells (hematocrit)

The CBC test also provides information about the following measurements:

    • Average red blood cell size (MCV)
    • Hemoglobin amount per red blood cell (MCH)
    • The amount of hemoglobin relative to the size of the cell (hemoglobin concentration) per red blood cell (MCHC)

The platelet count is also included in the CBC. 


Special Preparation: None.

More detailed CBC Test Information